Any order’s cancellation will have to be done 24 hours before. If it’s a specialty cake and the work for the order has already been started, the order will not be cancelled and will be delivered at the given time to the client’s mentioned address for which 100%payment will be received.
To cancel, the client must call and inform us on the given numbers. All cancellations submitted online via or by Email will not be accepted.

If this is a custom cake order or a multi-tiered cake there is a minimum of one week’s notice for any cancellations.
Last minute changes are not entertained.


As soon as our baked goods leave our doors, we take utmost care to deliver them to you in their perfect conditions. If the parcel has gotten damaged en-route, please call us as soon as you receive it or have made the payment to the rider. Do not ask the rider to leave until you have talked to one of our representative, we may ask you to send it back along with the rider.
It is our prime goal to never let down the expectations of our customers; hence if we have the time on hand, we will make sure that we do our best to fix the damage caused from our side and somehow adjust the problem.
If you have yourself picked the order yourself or sent someone to pick it up on your behalf, then it is not at all our responsibility for any damage incurred.
If the customer brings a damaged cake back to the bakery for repair, extra charges will be applied as per the amount of fixing it needs.
Under special requests our team can bring the order back to our bakery if no one was able to accept the package – but another delivery fee will be processed before we leave again with the desserts.


For a damaged good that you have received, we do refund a certain amount of your payment if the damage was due to delivering from our service. No responsibility is taken if the order is picked up by the customer, or if he/she hired any third party service for delivering.
If we have failed to follow your specified instructions for your given order, or the cake’s flavor is changed than the one specified, we, upon checking the details, will process refund if we are unable to fix the changings.
We have the right to revoke a full refund if the team has already begun working on your specific project and you opt for cancellation at eleventh hour.


Wedding cake orders are processed with an advance payment of 50%. If multi-tiered cake, there is a minimum of one week’s notice for any cancellations. For giant cakes or more than 3ft, we offer special service of assembling on venue, for which we charge separately.
Last minute changes are not entertained.


We entertain Eid orders if they are paid in full beforehand. For delivering of these orders, we do not give a specific date or time, but promise you to deliver them in the three days of Eid. We do not process normal birthday/customized orders for these three days.