About Me

My Starting:

I remember I started baking when I was 9, much fascinated by the whole idea of creating something unique of my own-self.  Yes, like other parents, my mother also was hesitant of allowing me to do such “toddler’s baking” stuff in kitchen but let’s say I had to find ways for that like a child does. 🙂

How It Began:

Growing up, I never thought of launching my own startup. Baking was just a hobby that took me away from the stress, illness, and problems of life. But in my intermediate, my brother started a small venture which allowed me to showcase my baking skill set by creating and selling cakes to customers. The venture lasted a few years but it enlightened me to channel my hobby in something that is today Once Upon A Cake.

People Who Helped Me:

Speaking my heart out, OUAC is an early success to me and it requires managing and business skill set that a baker like me doesn’t have. This is where my family support jumps in. Alhamdulillah, I proudly say I’ve got the best people around me. I cannot be thankful enough to my family who have assisted me through thick and thin, and to my founding customers who actually got to eat my initially not-so-good cakes. Obviously, self learning takes time and lots of sacrifices, sweat, and money.

About Us
About Us

About OUAC

The First Year

It was just catering to and trying hard to achieve customer expectations. Everything was a mess and highly unpredictable. I had no molds, no expertise, no rider, no idea of how will I make the cake, and no employees. My biggest assets during those times were my passion, persistency, and my family. Customers’ feedback played a huge role in motivating me to get up again and work hard to give the best.

Shifting To New Office

This stage was a great sigh of relief because now Alhamdulillah I had a rented office and had a few employees who could share my burden and help OUAC grow. As sales improved, OUAC grew, but managing a growing business became a challenge with my studies.

After a while, I focused on installing systems for streamlining my business and creating this website for better customer experience and showcasing the best of OUAC works.

Future Outlook

My vision for OUAC is to create new benchmarks for the Pakistani baking industry through constant innovation and becoming part of your celebrations and lifestyle. Secondly, I have a dream that Once Upon A Cake will one day cater to the shunned segments of Pakistani society by offering them employment opportunities. One such segment that demands immediate attention is our Transgender community.

Once Upon A Cake is already a young all-girls startup that intends to provide opportunities, training, and a platform to girls who need a launchpad. Unfortunately, young girls in Pakistan don’t stick long and have to leave soon due to multiple reasons, yet as a girl, I firmly believe it is the need in our community to open all girls offices.

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