A Short Cake History

So, Why Do You See A Cake Every Time On Celebrations? If your instinctive reply is you like sliding it down into your belly, I say continue reading. 🙂

A Short Cake History

Brief answer is because Cake says: you are truly important and I love you. But the real answer has a really interesting history. 

Before we begin let me tell you, we humans have not done justice to cakes. Compared to the love and happiness this delicacy has given us, our indifference to its history merely shows how one-sided love this relationship is. We did not care to investigate much and record its development stages. All we know is that Europe, specifically Vikings, Egyptians, Rome, Spain, France, and England, played key roles in discovering and modifying this old food into a soft, savory symbol of love. 

A Short Cake History

As per Wikipedia, the oldest cakes were modifications of their cousin, bread. A slight difference between the two was that cakes were round and flat in shape. Origin of cakes can be traced back to the 13th century, but modern cakes were not in the scene until the 17th century. Simply because refined sugar and tools, like ovens and molds, were not available until then. The cakes we celebrate and eat today saw the daylight (or moon light because usually we cut them at night), in the 19th century, thanks to the scientists for inventing white flour and baking powder. 

Historically, the cakes have been held in great esteem. Many nations have used it to pay tribute to their gods and kings to manifest their love. Today, we have relegated its position, rightly so, to share love and happiness with our beloved.

A Short Cake History

Sharing and eating something sweet in moments of happiness is part of our nature. Cake and its variants remain the top preference today because we have been using it for similar purposes since long. Moreover, due to advancement in technology and art, we can create anything that your beloved can feel associated with- creating a memory that no other food can. And yes, it tastes really good as well.

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