Cakesicles Wishbox


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About The Cakesicle Wishbox :

Something simple, yet makes the best gift ever! Cakesicles are made using a lolly mould to get that classic shape, but they are filled with yummy cake and covered in a layer of chocolate or candy melts. They then have a nice area to decorate in your chosen theme.

This box is for Anum who get this wish box on her birthday as a pleasant.  These are milk chocolate flavoured coated with White Chocolate sponge cake stick with sprinkles. This can either be vanilla or chocolate cake, with either milk chocolate or white chocolate on the outside.

Our special Cakesicle Wisbox can be customized in your favourite colour and message. No offence It’s a birthday or anniversary, the birth of a baby or a graduation ceremony, celebrating 6 months of togetherness or to make someone feel special. Our wish box can definitely help you.

Celebrate your happy moments with Once Upon a Cake 🙂


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